Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A (very) small bounty.

Yesterday I had a tasty little treat to go with my breakfast - our first fig of the 2013 season!
This delicious little guy came from a winter fig embryo on our French Brown Turkey tree, (ie a fig that didn't ripen last fall, but didn't shrivel up and fall off the tree over the winter, and matured early summer), which I propagated from a cutting 2 years and 7 months ago.
This guy was tiny, but sweet and delicious.
This looks like it's all of the breba crop we'll be getting this year, thanks to the lack of sunshine here in SwitzerFrance from April - May, but we've got 10-15 little figs growing on each of 5 of our other trees. Fingers crossed for a fig filled fall in the Duggan Terrace Orchard!
A la prochaine friends...
P.S. Want to grow your own little fig tree? Here's one of my past postings on how to propagate your own tree from a fig cutting! Good luck!

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