Friday, July 19, 2013

Things Making Me Happy: 27 weeks edition

{July 1983}
It's hard for me to truly believe that we are now just under the 3 month mark of when we anticipate having a little chubster of our own. And after looking at that picture can you believe I was actually 3 weeks early? Good lord.
Things Making Me Happy Right Now:
1. Baby punches: It's almost like Homekid does new and exciting weird things on the new week milestones. Yesterday, once we had officially reached the 27 week mark, I started feeling what for the first time felt like arm movements, and not just kicks. I can't be certain that they were specifically arm movements persay, but it was the first time I had felt any movement high on my belly, as everything else has been low kicks thus far. It doesn't hurt, but the dance party was definitely enough to stop me in my tracks. Being that this kid is half Philadelphian I can only imagine the straight up knock out punches I'm going to be receiving in the next three months.
{Bonjour little avocat!}
2. Gardening: We welcomed a new little avocado tree up to the windowsill this week! Just goes to show you should never give up on your plants. I left this little pip in the care of Doc a year ago when I left for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, and it was one of the few things that truly looked dead when I returned to SwitzerFrance. Rather than toss it, I started adding water to the almost empty pickle jar that it was residing in, and low and behold this spring a new shoot sprouted up from the dry, brown, dead-looking one. What a little toughy pants plant.
3. Gardening experiments: Things are happening in my newest gardening experiment, mentioned in a post earlier this week. I can't believe how quickly I have things to report, so make sure to check back on Monday for a status update on how my attempts at propagating fig cuttings in water are going.
4. Pinterest: Of all of the social media outlets, pinterest, you have my heart. It's the one venue where I don't ever feel like I'm wasting my time, as I always come away feeling inspired and motivated to bake something, create something, or go somewhere new. And sometimes to buy things. Ok a lot of times to buy things.
{Pic via here.}
{Pic via here.}
5. New swag: I picked up some new pyjamas this week from a store called "hush" in the UK. I've been getting down about my nighttime attire as at this point I can only wear Doc's shorts and a baggy tank top to bed, and I'm starting to feel a little like a slob. I bought them with the anticipation of wearing them as a little treat at the hospital in the fall, and once we bring Homekid home, but to my delight they actually fit me now! (Thank heavens for really adjustable waistbands...) My parents treated me to a full pj set, and I also picked up a pair of pj pants (on sale no less!), so I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall so I can actually wear them and start feeling a little more like myself again. The pyjamas are so soft and lovely, if you're in the market for a new pair check them out!
6. Ice-y Pops: I don't think any explanation of this is really necessary, except for maybe 1000 exclamation marks. Not only have I never seen these in France, but they are also bio (organic for all my Americans out there) and sugar free. I'm not an anti sugar person, but I think when it comes to certain things like juices and in this case frozen juices, it's just not necessary. Let the beauty of the juice flavor shine through I say! We're going to buy a few more boxes of these this weekend, so long as they have any left...
Things I'm Not Loving Right Now:
1. Fatigue: And I don't mean like "oh I could take a nap" fatigue, I mean "let's just take a break and sit on the stairs for a minute fatigue." If nausea, light-headedness and general fatigue were the bane of my existence in the first trimester and a half, extreme fatigue has been my enemy since then. Last week I was a total rock star and did a bunch of yoga (the Bikram pregnancy series), walked, gardened, and lifted light weights. This week I've spent my time wishing I had the energy to do just one round of dishes. Poor Doc.
2. Summer Heat: We had thunderstorms the last two days which cooled things down a bit, but it's supposed to go up to 30 C in the next few days. And for some reason the only thing I've been wanting to do lately is bake. Go figure.  
3. I miss coffee. Like I really really really miss coffee. And not even the caffeine aspect, but just the taste. I love everything about the way that coffee tastes. I love everything about the process of making coffee, and enjoying coffee with friends. It's such a social thing for me, and I miss our Saturdays spent drinking coffee and espresso all day.
4. Stroller shopping: I'm pretty sure this is the most confusing thing to buy in the whole wide stinkin' world. Is the car seat separate? Can it be snapped into a base? Does it need an adapter? The adapter costs how much?! How long can they stay in that seat? Then we need a different seat?! How much does this cost?! And we can only use it for how many months? Oie veyishmeir. Can we just stick to buying adorable clothes please?   
Happy Friday everyone! Any cool plans for this weekend?
A la prochaine friends...


  1. Hello that mug is awesome.
    I'm a pinterest fanatic too - but you know that since we're always pinning each other - I hardly every bother with my recipe books anymore because I'm totally addicted to pinning food :)

  2. We also have the matching bowl. :) Doc has an obsession with that music video. It seems like people don't get the creepiness of it until you force them to sit down and watch it - is Lionel a high school teacher in love with a student and essentially stalking her? College professor. Either way it is creepy awesome.