Monday, July 22, 2013

Market Day.

I've been living for the weekends lately. Doc is so busy with work it seems that the only time I get him all to myself are Saturday and Sunday. We spent Friday night plotting and scheming for what fun things we wanted to do this weekend, and our number one pick was to head back to the Ferney-Voltaire market for the second week in a row.
{Yo Voltaire!}
I had found a bunch of recipes on pinterest that I had wanted to try, as well as to revisit a few of our own oldies but goodies, so we thought Ferney would be the place to find what we need.
In fact it was (as per usual), as the Ferney-Voltaire market is one of the few places I've found where it's possible to get beets with the greens attached (most French supermarkets, at least in our area, sell beets sealed in plastic, without the greens, and looking gross.), and they were bio (read: organic) at that. We also managed to pick up over 3 kilos (more than 6.6 lbs!) of assorted figs (purple and green), and over a kilo of what last week were the best black cherries I had ever eaten. However, it should be noted that yesterday Doc informed me that lately everything I've eaten has been "the best [insert food here] I've ever eaten," showing that my love of food is back, at least for now. Needless to say his confidence with cooking has been through the roof lately.
I was hoping to find some Mirabelles and Reine Claudes (called Greengage plums in the US), as well, as their season is quickly approaching, but none yet. Fingers crossed for next week...
{Family portrait: Mama, Papa and Homekid}
We also picked up some delicious bio apple juice (don't worry it was pasteurized), which I've been mixing with seltzer water lately. I call them spritzers. Mama likes her bubbly! 
We made some really great dishes this weekend, including some that we can affectionately call "Keep Mama Cool Or Else," so look for them this week as I'll be sharing some of my favorites.
And with my belly only getting bigger and the temperatures only getting warmer this week (31 C on Thursday, 32 C on Friday, and 34 C on Saturday!), I'm gonna need all the cool treats I can get.
{Voltaire was here.}
{27 weeks and 2 days}
Hope you all had a great weekend out there, complete with cool drinks and air conditioners.
A la prochaine friends...


  1. I love wandering through the markets of France and especially like to visit those in new areas as they always have some regional specialties that are not available in the markets we normally frequent. Enjoy your cooking and spritzers.

  2. I like to mix juice with my Perrier too. It makes me feel all fancy.