Thursday, July 4, 2013

Styling the Bump: A Semi-Patriotic 25 weeks.

Happy 4th of July from SwitzerFrance!
What are you plans for today? We're having some friends over for a BBQ, and celebrating not only the birthday of the US, but also a belated Canada Day, Higgsdependence Day, and the early birthday of a friend. It's generally a bit of a science-y North American Day Party up in here!
Dress: Puella, from Anthropologie - another great non-maternity piece that I anticipate will carry me through to the end of my pregnancy
Belt: Skull belt from a little shop in Manahattan Beach, CA
Necklace: It's a silver zombie, given to me by my cousin. One of my most prized pieces of jewelry. Handmade by an artist in Philly I believe...
Sorry for the messy background in these shots, but with nesting comes a bit of chaos, as we're moving things back and forth between the nursery and our bedroom.
Hope you're off enjoying a hot dog and a beer wherever you're celebrating today!
A la prochaine friends...

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