Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Before & After: Nursery Dresser/Changing Table

I wrote a few weeks back about the special delivery we were receiving from one of the local second hand shops - one item of which was destined for before and after greatness! (If I do say so myself...)

Doc really took charge of this project as my fatigue levels have been high over the past few weeks, and I have never actually painted furniture before. (I make a GREAT supervisor though...)

We were going back and forth on the color choices for a bit, but after a recent trip to Toulon, and noticing the particular green color of a large majority of the shutters around town, we opted for the color Provence Vert. I've been in love with this color since we moved to SwitzerFrance 3.5 years ago, as it is also a popular color for shutters in our region, but seeing it in Toulon cemented it as the color paint we were destined to use.
Deciding on the color wasn't so much of an issue as trying to pick the perfect drawer knobs for the project. My initial inklings were towards flowery knobs or ones with gold on them, where Doc was leaning towards heavy metal knobs.

When our local Leroy Merlin started their soldes however, we literally went in and bought 40-some drawer knobs (they were THAT discounted), of unexpected high quality, so we could see for ourselves on the actual newly painted dresser.

And we figured, hey, there will be more refinishing projects in our future, why not have a bunch of extra sweet French drawer knobs?

We ended up choosing the design that was my favorite of our choices, and are loving the result. Every time I walk past the nursery I can't help but stare at it. Doc seriously did a great job.
Working on the nursery together has been such great fun, and I can't wait to continue getting it ready for Homekid. We've got some great ideas and DIY projects to work on for it, and I can't wait to share them, and the final result, once we're done.
How about you? Did you go with all new furniture for your child's nursery? All vintage? A mixture of the two?
A la prochaine friends...

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