Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to store figs.

If you're lucky, you're smack dab in the middle of the first of two fig seasons in your corner of the world. With a 3-4 week availability per season in our area, I spend that time hording and consuming pretty much every fig we come across.
That being said, we run into logistical problems. When it comes to figs, they really are a puny fruit. In a fight, the fig would surely lose to the egg. A perfectly ripe fig is in danger of falling ill to bruising, crushing and/or molding once picked.
This past weekend for example, we bought 3 kilos of figs, and in an effort to not lose any to the aforementioned ills, we made sure to separate the figs into three bags at the market, so that the poor little figs on the bottom would not be crushed by the over 6 lbs. of figs on top. Bruising effects the taste of the figs, and figs sitting on top of each other can speed up the molding process quite a bit.
This has been a dilemma for me for quite sometime, but recently I had an idea. How do you keep the figs from touching? How do you keep the figs from crushing each other?
Egg crates!    
My original plan was to use my super cute little ceramic egg crate from Anthropologie to house these little queens of the fridge, but it would only hold a small portion of our figs, and it was already occupied by eggs. It was when braving the Saturday crowds at Migros post Ferney-Voltaire market that I saw these little egg carton beauties, and after some negotiating with the cashier this little freebie came home with us.
Mama solving problems! POW!
How do you store your figs? Do you keep them in the barquettes that they came in? Or have others been using this method for years and I'm just late to the party? I've seen some supermarkets use something similar to this, but had never thought of utlizing this method at home in our fridge.
A la prochaine friends...

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