Monday, July 15, 2013

Ferney-Voltaire Market and Styling the Bump: 26 Weeks.

We switched up our routine a little bit this weekend and decided to head to the Ferney-Voltaire market, instead of our Thoiry market. For those of you long time readers, you may remember that when we first moved to France, we spent almost 3 months living in Ferney-Voltaire before finding our dreamboat place in Thoiry.
You may also remember my obsession with Voltaire's chateau...but I digress. As a result, there always has been, and always will be, a special place in my heart for this little French town, as a lot of my French firsts happened here...
...such as my first French cafe experience, my first French market, and my first time shopping solo in a French supermarket (more intimidating than it sounds, believe me).
The Ferney-Voltaire market is also a contrast from our Thoiry village market, in that it is much larger and has a bigger selection of pretty much everything.
So unlike in Thoiry, if you can't find something at one stand, you can probably find it at multiple others in Ferney...
...that being said, there are also more crowds, and you lose that teeny tiny village feel a bit.
{Voltaire's Chateau}
{Checking out some figs.}
You really can't lose either way if you're looking for that French market feel, at least in my humble expat opinion.

Oh and hey, why not shove a styling the bump post into this Monday post as well, shall we? (Read: This is the only day I dressed cute during week 26...)
{26 weeks and 2 days}
Dress: Hatch Collection, Date Night Dress
Hat: Brixton
Belt: Skinny skull belt from a little shop in Manhattan Beach, CA
Basket: Hand made from a woman at the Thoiry market
Flip flops: Havaianas
A la prochaine friends...

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