Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The bloodletting.

{Lac Léman }
Yesterday we spent the morning in Geneva for my gestational diabetes test. I'm not sure if it's required for everyone in the US, or if it's conducted the same way (I've heard that it's not), but here in SwitzerFrance it's a bit of an ordeal. Three blood draws in a two hour span, no food 6 hours before, and no food during the test (except for a glass of sugar water lemonade after the first blood draw that was actually really tasty). I was a little concerned as I was seeing spots after the first blood draw, but the two subsequent draws went much more smoothly. At least I had a nice view from the exam room for every blood letting.
Luckily during the test it wasn't too hot out, though we are slowly getting back into the swing of yet another heat wave. By lunchtime I was not only starving and a little shaky, but also beginning to get uncomfortably warm. The problem? Being that we're in Europe, (cue the broken record), not all restaurants are air conditioned (even in hoity toity Geneva), so we found ourselves sitting outside because it was about 90 degrees F inside.
And this man right here? Patience of a saint. I must be a delight to be around lately, especially yesterday being low on blood in the heat. I don't mind the blood letting so much as the process of doing so on an empty stomach. I caught a bit of a break last night as it was our last night of cooler temps before we climb upwards today, so Doc took full advantage of that opportunity to make me some mushroom fennel risotto for dinner. (Look for that recipe post soon! And by soon I mean next time it's cool enough to stand over a pot of risotto.) This morning I woke up feeling completely drained, almost like I was jet lagged, so if anyone needs me I'll be on the couch watching "Bob's Burgers" on repeat via Netflix - doctor's orders.
A la prochaine friends...


  1. Be grateful for that test... I saw on the news this morning (ok, not really the news, that a baby in Germany was born weighing over 13 pounds!!! They think it was because of gestational diabetes. Girl, you do not want to happen to you!