Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Styling the Bump and Things Making me Happy: 25 weeks

When I was back at my parent's house in April/May, my parents spoiled me a bit. My mom surprised me with a few new pieces from some local shops that were non-maternity, but flowy enough that they could work as I get bigger, and bigger and bigger. I'm very lucky for this because up until this point, I didn't have much that would have worked at that point (or my current point for that matter) in my pregnancy, aside from some of the aforementioned items.  
Dress: Free People (non-maternity)
Belt: Same one I've been rocking the last few weeks, skinny skull belt from a little shop in Manhattan Beach, CA
Flip flops: Havaianas
And while on the point of pregnancy...
Things I'm loving right now:
1. I've been wanting to get a hot water bottle for what feels like forever (I have yet to see an electric blanket here), and we finally found my dreamboat one this weekend at a local shop:
I've never used one before but I'm excited to, at least once the temperatures cool off again for those 8 and 9 month pregnancy aches and pains.
2. Cherry Pitter:
Again, something I've been coveting for some time now. Man did it make a difference, compared to pitting them by hand. And it's perfect for someone like me who has a penchant for saving seeds. We used it to prep cherries for pickling, which hey, bt-dubbs, I'll be sharing that recipe this week, so make sure to check back!  
3, Les soldes! We were able to score the drawer knobs for Homekid's dresser/changing table for a fifth of the price! We've finished the project completely now, so look for a Before and After post  tomorrow!
Things I'm not loving right now:
1. I've been breaking a lot of things lately, not on purpose of course. It's like I'm a bull in a china shop or something. An hour before people showed up for our 4th of July BBQ I knocked over the entire drying rack of wine glasses and shattered 3 or 4 all over the counter and kitchen/living room floor. (Which of course came shortly after the conversation "Wow, I really wrapped ALL of our glassware in bubblewrap for the move that didn't happen, didn't I?") Then yesterday, of no fault of my own, I opened the fridge and somehow a large bottle of what I can only imagine would have been a delicious german beer fell out of the fridge door and onto my foot. Luckily there was no blood, but the bottle shattered everywhere. I did have to pick two small pieces of glass out of my foot though, and our floor smelled like I had mopped it with beer. Ugh.   
2. I'm not sleeping well, at all. You'd think after our hike on Sunday I'd have slept like a baby, but it turns out that when the baby is actually in your belly it's hard to get comfortable, even when trying to get a very well deserved night of beauty rest. Between not being able to get comfortable and the temperatures being in the upper 70s/lower 80s again, I'm not exactly jumping out of bed in the morning. Two tower fans for the whole house can only do so much... 
3. Flies! I love that our windows don't have screens, but for about a 6 week period in the summer it becomes the bane of our existence. We are straight up surrounded by cow pastures and wheat fields, so our open windows at this point of the summer are like big "bienvenue" signs for horse flies and soon-to-be mosquitoes to wander and stroll about our place.     
A la prochaine friends...

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