Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 days, 18 hours and 39 minutes...

So it's been a couple of days since I've posted a countdown picture in ode to Pitchers and Catchers reporting down in Clearwater, but moving around the world will do that to a gal. I was going to try to avoid using another Clifton Pfifer Lee picture, however this was too funny/sad and I can't help myself. We landed in Frankfurt, Germany en route to Geneve, Switzerland early on Friday morning, and while we were waiting to board our delayed flight Dan picked up a USA Today for us to peruse. I stole the Sports section from him and low and behold on page 2 is this large picture of Clifton Pfifer - and talking about how Seattle made out like bandits. As if that is what I needed after an 8 hour TransAtlantic flight at 7 AM in GERMANY. Kind of funny but kind of sadddd. Le sigh.

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