Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ode to Star Lounge...

This is our last full week in Chicago, and in honor of this great city I'd like to take the time this week to highlight a few of my favorite spots here in the city. I know I haven't spent as much time here as Dan, however I do have a profound respect and appreciation for this city. I've really enjoyed my time spent here over the last year and a half, both in being a tourist and now a (very) temporary resident. Today I'd like to say a big thank you to Star Lounge, an awesome coffee shop by our place.
I love love love this place. It's kind of been our home base for doing work, scheme-ing, and just relaxing. My favorite drink here is the Mayan Mocha - basically an awesomely made mocha with red pepper flakes in it. The loose teas are great too. Everything, including the pastries, is really fresh. They also know a lot about coffee and are very, very, very passionate about it.
There's a great deck and yard outback for the warmer months...

I sit here now as numerous plans and schemes have evolved in this coffee shop, and I hope will continue to do so at a later date in the future and for the remainder of our time here in Chicago. I can't help but love a place like this that is so good at supporting the local arts and music scene, as well as being so environmentally conscious. If you come to visit this awesome city bypass the Starbucks and try to make a stop in for a Mayan Mocha, or a pastry. It's well worth the search. :) I'll miss you Star Lounge!!!

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