Friday, February 5, 2010

Love me some grit...

I love the down, the dirty, the forgotten, the urban, the grit, the old, the used. I think Chicago and Philly are very similar in certain ways, and that's a bit of a common area for the two. I've always had a thing for old buildings, fire escapes, and old signs, and I've finally started compiling pictures of the like from my travels to and from. Here's some from yesterday in downtown Chicago by Michigan Ave...

Yesterday was absolutely grey and somewhat mild in cool temps (30s) - my favorite weather. I was downtown trying to run some of the last of my errands before we leave on Wednesday afternoon, but couldn't help snapping shots here and there.

BT-dubbs: Pitchers and catcher reported to spring training on Wednesday, which means that baseball is right around the corner - Oh happy day!!!

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