Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 Days, 9 Hours, 20 minutes...

Pic via here.

...until Pitchers and Catchers report. My happiness is only outdone by my psyched-ness. I know I had incorrectly mentioned in an earlier post that Pitchers and Catchers had reported last Wednesday - I was wrong. I was caught up in one of the best posts I've ever read on The Fightin's involving a return of the diatribe and revenge of the Chinbeard (whom I dearly miss already) and I realized that his talking about reporting to Spring Training was for his cursed NEW team, the Astros. (BOOO Hissss BOOO!) So I stand corrected and will wait on bated breathe until the official report day. However, in honor of the future return of baseball, I will post one picture a day involving the Phillies. Yeah!
Here is a little gem I don't think anyone will ever forget: Game 1 of the 2009 World Series. Yankees stadium. Clifton Pfifer Lee on the hill. Big hopes and dreams that had yet to be squashed in our hearts. No notion of the future and lack thereof for Clifton Pfifer Lee in the red and white pinstripes. There's only this moment, and I believe the caption could read something to the effect of,
"Hmm, ya know. I could really use a baseball. Oh look there's one now." - Clifton Pfifer Lee
Oh, now I'm sad. My plan kind of backfired. Shit.

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