Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard - 1, Duggans - 0

So all this talk of Philly getting owned by snow lately and I forgot about the possibility of Chicago getting hit with anything. Well we did. All day. My Uggs have never been so soaked through. Downtown was so beautiful with all the big fluffy snow falling all afternoon. I'm not sure how much we got, probably around 6 or so, maybe more. Whatever the actual totals are it was enough for our flights to Newark and Geneva tomorra to get cancelled, so our move to France date has been pushed back by a day. This is good for several reasons. One: I'm still not feeling great. Two: I need socks. I forgot to buy them today. I was in the sock store and did not purchase socks. Curses. Three: We can get adequate sleep tonight without running around until 3 am trying to fit things in checked bags that we forgot about. Four: Maybe we can play in the snow a little tomorra, as long as my boots dry (unfortunately all of my socks/shoes/brand spanking new flashy rain boots are packed and/or have been mailed overseas already).

So, in the meantime, it looks like we will have to wait an extra day to flee the country, which gives us another day to meander around Chicago and get organized for the epic move. I just think it's hilarious that the only flights that either Dan or I have ever been on that have actually been cancelled have been when we've been moving with loads of bags...which also happened to be during blizzards. We like to move (and fly) in blizzards apparently. Just how we roll...

We were fortunate to take a short break from the insanity to grab a Turkish coffee and baklawa at our favorite restaurant in Chicago, Old Jerusalem, which is in Old Town. Sad to think we won't be going there for quite some time, but it was nice to steal away for a few minutes there before returning to the packing. Hope all you kids in Philly are holding up ok in the impending Snowapocalypse!!!

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