Thursday, February 11, 2010

See ya, Chicago...

This is it, the big day. Today we're off into the wild blue yonder and moving for our next epic adventure to Ferney-Voltaire, France. The plans right now are for an afternoon flight out of Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, and then another flight from Frankfurt to Geneva, Switzerland. I feel like this day has been "right around the corner" for at least 6 months now, and I can't believe that's it's finally happening. We're very excited for the move, but are going to miss the faces and comforts of home as well. See youse on the other side of the Atlantic.

Au revoir for now (that's peace out in French)... :)

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  1. DAMN...i guess i have been away from the internet for far too long. had to scroll to 'earlier entries' to begin where i left off at hahaha. i love your phillies stuff by the way...esp the most awesome picture EVER of the most awesome play EVER by futurebabydaddywhojustdontknowityet. i will again hope you arrive in (said in a french dude's accent) viva la franc (end accent) safely, eat lots of frenchie fries, take pictures of said frenchie fries...i dunno what my obsession is with saying french fries. probably b.c its the only somewhat 'politcally correct' joke i can publically post online hahaha...and im sure there's a south park about it....aka my next mission muuhhahaha.

    oh and if you stop by dan's work, look out for princess leia. i heard she's from the philly, possibly south park colorado area, and is a pick-pocketin fooo. respect. ::mic drop::

    ok that is all for now haha...on to woooo