Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday in Thoiry...

After a lovely day in Ferney and Gex the day before, Dan and I decided to head into Thoiry to shop the Sunday market and meet up with some friends. This market was busier than the previous week's, maybe due to the nicer weather or because of the ski holiday. My favorite vendor was the wicker basket maker who had adorable little picnic baskets (I resisted the urge...this week). We then had a nice lunch at our friends place and took a walk up into Haute Thoiry (essentially higher up the mountain but walkable - depending on how you feel about 45 degree inclines...uphill...) where there were just surreal views of the Swiss Alps, Mont Blanc, and another mountain whose name I can't remember...Cevessy? (Something like that.) I'm excited for the warmer weather and to start hiking...or to at least start attempting to hike in the Jura. It'll take some time to adjust to the hills and altitude as I definitely talked myself out of breathe multiple times while walking up to Haute Thoiry, but I imagine I'll get used to it!

Tomorra is gonna be a big day as I'm going into Geneva for the first time which will mean first bus ride in Europe, first tram ride, first time using Swiss Francs (as compared to the euros used in France), first time in Switzerland aside from the time spent at the airport last week...and this time I won't forget my passport!

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