Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Straight up ILL.

Yep. It's true. And I'm not just referring to our dopeness. We're both definitely on the unwavering teeter totter of phlegm and massive headaches. Dan's cough and congestion has him sounding a little like Barney Frank, and I'm just feeling super foggy and cranky. It was so bad late last week that we almost didn't make the trip down to Seymour, Indiana to visit the fam, but by Saturday we were both feeling much better and decided to make the trip.
After about 4 hours in the car we got to Indiana and met everyone at Buffalo Wild Wings where Dan did the "Blazing Hot Wings Challenge" - essentially you have to eat 12 wings covered in the hottest sauce in under 6 minutes. You must sign your life away on a waiver, and then an employee stands behind you with a stopwatch to make sure that all the wings are "clean" and that you don't take drinks of water or beer or eat any celery to help the process along (all are no-nos). Once you finish and succeed in the challenge you're supposed to get your name on a plaque, have your picture taken and put up on a wall, and get a t-shirt, which Dan was trying to win for the boys.
Dan finished the challenge in 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Unfortunately the t-shirt that had been promised to him somehow disappeared through an ulterior galaxy, never to be recovered. And this particular Buffalo Wild Wings did not do the plaque thing. And their Polaroid camera was out of film. Whatever Buffalo Wild Wings. Psha. On the plus side the woman who timed him said he had the best technique she had ever seen. I think I now have a competitor to back for Philly's Wing Bowl 2011. Watch out 'Super Squibb,' the Docta's comin' for ya!!!

In fact, Dan was so impressive, this guy (see guy with Flip camera above) videotaped his wing eating feat. And no, no one knew said guy with camera. At all. Freakin' weirdo.
We had a great time relaxing and visiting with the fam - just wish it could have lasted longer. The ride back was a rough one for both of us as we both started feeling sick again after about 48 hours of immune system calm. We're just too busy right now to be sick!

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