Saturday, February 27, 2010

So back to these incentives...

Last night, despite the best efforts of the Y bus to keep us apart, a group of friends got together from different parts of France and Switzerland to endulge in a little raclette goodness, good wine, and lots of "I laughed so hard my face hurts...again" moments. From microwave plasma science experiments with currants and chocolate, to schemes of the future Team USA at the International Cat Show, a really great time was had by all. Thanks to K and D for putting together such a beautiful spread of everything delicious under the sun (and raclette grill), as well as for the delicious desserts and espressos. I will be dreaming of that apricot dessert for some time. And as if I wasn't in love with Thoiry enough from our day trips, nighttime offers a whole new realm of "it's sooooo prettttyyyy" over the huge sky, vast amount of visible stars, and views of Geneva. I. Need. To. Live. There. Now.

Today we spent the better half of the day at the Ferney Saturday Market, and it was a gorrrrgeous day (despite a little of this partly sunny biznass) with a ton of people and a ton of vendors. I feel like we are getting really good at developing an attack strategy over pain au chocolat and cafe prior to delving into the market because otherwise it's easy to get pulled in a hundred different directions. More on that to follow. As for now it's time ot enjoy a little espresso, raspberries, grapes and chocolate with my hubby.

Bon weekend!

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