Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tall fountains, angry swans, creepy mannequins OH MY!

Two days ago I went into Geneva, Switzerland with a friend for a good couple hours of exploring the city. I know we only just scartched the surface of what Geneva has to offer, but I'd say we got a pretty full day in. It rained most of the day that we were there, but it was actually quite comfortable (none of this angry-sideways-cursing-at-you-as-it-comes-down Philly rain I'm used to). We started out the day meeting at CERN and then hopped on the bus and then the tram for what turned out to be about a 20-30 minute ride on public into Switzerland.

[Love birds.]

We first took a walk along Lake Geneva and took pictures in front of the fountain -it's actually the tallest fountain in the world. The clouds began to roll in as we walked towards the main part of the city towards Old Town, but we first stopped off to see some swans and ducks...even the seagulls are prettier in Europe!

This swan bit a duck, (or maybe it was a geese) on the tush - I never knew swans were so mean!

From the lake we saw a big purple globe thingy-ma-bobber which we thought was supposed to be a Darwin exhibit, but it turned out to be a slightly creepy exhibit about the human genome. Then it was on to Old Town Geneva...

There were lots of neat little shops to explore but most were closed for lunch. (Lunch here is 12-2...pretty sweet, eh?)

We came across St. Peter's Cathedral and ventured inside - I forgot that I had never actually been inside a cathedral and wasn't prepared for how huge it was! The stonework, woodwork and stained glass were beautiful. I can only imagine how cold and scary it must have been inside in the 1500's though...After the cathedral we spent some more time checking out Old Town and the surrounding areas of Geneva, and stumbled upon a really cool gallery. I learned the hard way that rain boots are not made for 5+ hours of walking hilly cobblestone streets, and we eventually called it a day.

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