Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventures in apartment hunting...

This week we've been hard at work checking out apartments in Thoiry, and thanks to the unseasonably cold weather (20's - 30's), tardiness/absence of the "Y" bus, and high winds (40 mph) I am now feeling under the weather...again. Ugh. Dan has ordered me to catch a break, but the forces that be aren't allowing my immune system to comply. We have had a lot of fun though going into different places and seeing what french rentals have to offer. So far we've seen 6 places - of which 4 have been really old and lovely, one looked like a converted garage, 2 offered coffee after the tour (one of which lasted for 3 hours), and one was a converted windmill with a natural waterfall running down the side of the building (see last picture above). Some have been furnished with 300 year old antiques, all but one have had the toilet in a different room than the shower (customary here), 2 have had caves, 1 has had a moat, 1 had a Great Gatsby looking back yard for lawn parties, and two would come completely unfurnished i.e. no fridge, stove or light fixtures. We've been mulling things over for a bit and I think we've come to a decision, but I won't ruin any surprises or jinx anything yet, because just because we've decided that we like one better than the rest doesn't mean it's still available. Fingers and toes crossed!!!
BT-dubbs: Happy Friday everyone!!! :)

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