Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday in Geneva Part Deux...

On our quest for Old Town, warmth and chocolat chaud, we saw this park that actually aided us in finding our way thanks to my previous trip into Geneva with Kim. There are a ton of chess boards and a few checker boards painted onto the cement, and chess pieces the size of small children of which to challenge others with. I was surprised there were so many people out playing because it was so very cold out. Now I need to learn how to play chess so that we can come back and play.

And lucky enough, within the park with the chess boards and child-sized chess pieces was a cafe called, "Cafe et Restaurant du Parc des Bastions." It was really cute with a great atmosphere, and plenty of people were playing chess inside too. A little chocolat chaud and cafe was just enough to warm us up to continue on to Old Town, which was our next stop.
More on our Sunday in Geneva in Part 3 of this post...

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