Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday in Geneva Part One...

Due to the problems we had with the "Y" bus on Saturday afternoon and the psuedo-impending pneumonia that almost ensued, we decided to go the safe route and take the "F" bus into Geneva instead of our planned trip into Thoiry.

The "F" bus, before pulling into Gare Cornavin in Geneva, goes past the United Nations...

After getting into downtown we went to the Plainpalais market, but most vendors were in the process of closing up shop due to the cold and lack of people out. I began to appreciate living in France much more after seeing prices at the Plainpalais market - 12 CHF (about $12) for a kilo of asperge! Psha! I'll take my huge beautiful asperge from the Ferney market for 3,90 € (about $6) anyday! And yes, that is a lion drinking fountain. Don't forget your Sigg bottle when you come visit because the water here is very drinkable! (Except the fountains that state that they are not, but those are marked...)

[Me and Frylock.]

["It's really really really cold!"]

We then went wandering around Geneva (because that's the only way we both learn our way around a place) and tried to find Old Town, which surprisingly I was able to find because of my past trip in with tour guide extraordinaire Kim. (This was a huge surprise to me because Dan has all the directional skills in the relationship.) The city is pretty much closed on Sundays save for a few cafes and restaurants scattered amongst the city, and we were looking for a place to warm up with some hot cocoa as I was on the verge of angry cold. We had wanted to wait until we got to Old Town to slip into a cafe but we weren't entirely sure any would be open, so we started looking for a place to escape the cold in the part of town we were in.

Part Deux of our Sunday in Geneva adventure coming after a short break - I'm getting a little cabin feverish and need to get outside a bit. A short run to the Swiss border and up to Voltaire maison will do me good.

Be seeing you!

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