Monday, March 29, 2010

Geneva Week: Part Deux

After exploring around Lake Geneva my wanderings took me to Old Town, which I was hoping to find. This is a cute little carousel that can be found at Place de la Madeleine, which also has a small (one or two vendors) manufactured goods market on Mondays. (Note: the above is not to be confused with the French techno Children's Pinnochio Disney Circus that took place for two annoying days last week in our apartment building's adjacent parking lot...)
[Bruno and Squirt.]

While walking around I found the most gorgeous book store, called Bookbinders Design. It's a Swedish company headed up in Stockholm, and they have just a beautiful selection of books in all the colors you could imagine for journals, blank books, recipes binders, photo albums, baby books, desk boxes, birthday books, frames, pens, stamps, etc. And the manager is just an absolute doll. It's a little pricey but hey, it is Geneva.

After swooning over all the goodies at Bookbinders Design, I continued on through Old Town and to my surprise found the adorable little square that Dan and I had found several weeks ago on a cold cold cold Sunday. It looked much different on this spring-time day as people were out and about and enjoying vin and cafes outside in the square. The bar/cafe on the left is La Clemence, where Dan and I had shared a glass of Pinot Noir and Gamay, as was mentioned in an earlier post.

The water fountain behind this guy is actually one of those fountains that you can drink out of. They are clearly marked as "potable" or "non potable" to help you know which ones to fill your Sigg bottles up with...

Two things can be found all over Geneva: Pinwheels and travel agencies. Lots and lots of pinwheels and lots and lots of travel agencies.

[I am Batman.]

Geneva Week: Part Three coming soon...Have a wonderful sunny day my lovely readers!!!


  1. Ah, you've encountered the box-cart-cat-man...I really wish he had a monkey. I love the couple on the bench.

  2. It's kind of lame that it's a cat isn't it? I think the cat also finds it lame. I was so hoping for a monkey too.