Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cause Catchin' Up is Hard to Do; also known as Geneva Week: Part Three...

[See ya in May, Paris!!!]
[Sun, old metal scales, and vintage Dior shades...what better way to spend a gorgeous Wednesday in Switzerland?]
[This man is putting shorts on a skeleton...I bet he doesn't even know if the skeleton likes shorts...]
[Did I mention it was next to a sweet skate park?]
It's been raining for DAYS now. And now while posting these pictures of three super sunny days in a row I wonder if we're EVER going to have sun again. Ok I'm being a little dramatic, but the weather report is calling for 30 degree temps and a 60% chance of rain tomorra, which means there's a really good chance of NO flea market. Boo HISSSSS Boo. These shots are from last Wednesday's Plainpalais Flea Market in Geneva, where Kim and I lurked for several hours finding way too many goodies than our little arms could carry back via walking/biking/tram/bussing. Hopefully we can hit it up this Saturday (it's on Wednesday AND Saturdays every week) because there were a few items from last week that didn't come home with me that I still may have my eye on...
I hadn't realized at the time how long I had been holding the items I had procured, and how long of a walk back I had back to the "F" bus stop at Gare Cornavin. By the time I got home I was sore all over. At least I wore my hiking shoes since I knew it was going to be a day of serious walking and thrifting.
[Funny sign.]

Here are my sweet market scores! I wanted to take home everything, but my little arms could only carry so much. I actually can't believe how much I did carry home, as that large bowl is metal, the mirror is fragile, and the scale is also metal. It's amazing what incentive a design plan can be when expecting physical labor out of yourself. I'd love to be able to get everything we need for our new place in Thoiry via the flea market, and skip the quasi-inevitable-Ikea-step in between, but I guess that's just going to depend on my luck and haggling skills...
Sidenote: A special congrats to my hubby and all the guys and dolls over at CERN - today was truly a historic day and I watched a hell of a lot of it on the live webcast...I have no idea what it is exactly that I watched, but I know it was of epic proportions for physics and the world at large. Yeah for proton collisions!!!

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