Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Great Memory Card Murder of Aught-10...

[Le tired scientist.]

I did it. I killed it. I never thought it would happen but it totally did. Too many "shit I don't have any memory left and I neeed a picture of that cow" sorta thing, and the quick erasing tirade that would ensue of 30 older pictures in 2.3 seconds. So therefore we must also say goodbye to the 30-40 awesome pictures that I took in Thoiry on Sunday as they are now lost forever - unless said deceased memory card decides to reincarnate as, uh, my memory card. I should have known the whole situation on Sunday was too good to be true - the rains had stopped (partially), my hair looked good, and Dan actually wanted to take pictures instead of just lovingly humoring me while I snap 15 quick pictures of a tree. I believe I actually saw a few flyng saucissons as well, which also should have told me that the pictures were ill-fated. Le sigh. I'm really upset over it but in the meantime I just keep telling myself that we'll be living there eventually and I try to remember everywhere I took the pictures at and of what. I have in the meantime confiscated Dan's camera for my own selfish needs so the picture taking can now commence! However, luckily before the great memory card murder of aught-10 I was able to transfer the few pictures I took at the Saturday Ferney market onto my computer, so at least there's something from this weekend.

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