Saturday, March 13, 2010

Espionage! Espionage! Espionage!; also known as Saturday #5 at the Ferney-Voltaire market...

[Destined to be tonight's dessert for two expats.]

[A very happy market shopper.]

[Destined to become delicious prosciutto sandwiches this week for lunch.]

[This one's for you Ang: Truffle oil.]

[Super awesome one-man-show samosa and acra guy. Can be found at the Ferney Saturday market, Thoiry's Sunday market, and random 5:30 PM bus stops in France. :)]
[The sun and warmer temps brought out the cafe dwellers in full force...]
[BEHOLD! The most delicious olives in the whole wide world!]
Today, after a week of being on and off of under the weather, it was time to head out into the sun and fresh air for Ferney's Saturday market. I'm still not feeling great, so after sleeping in a little late we were a little behind schedule of where we like to be on market day, but were able to cross off everything on our list by the close of the market nonetheless. (Unfortunately the button accordionist was closing up shop by the time we got to him, so we missed him this week.) We even got in a little vin chaud from our guy to help stay warm, and when I snapped a picture of his hand painted wine (or are they ale?) bottles he laughed and yelled, "Espionage! Espionage! Espionage!" as he handed me my cup of vin chaud. Usually I'm pretty stealth about my kamikaze picture taking ways, but this time caught red handed - curses!!!

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