Thursday, March 18, 2010

A French St. Patty's Day...

[A signed lease.]

[More celebration of our signed lease.]

[Ferney at night.]

We signed our lease yesterday! It is official, we will be moving to Thoiry on April 17th. Our landlord was nice enough to drive into Ferney last night for us to sign our lease at a cafe rather than forcing us to tempt the fate of the "Y" bus to make it into Thoiry at a reasonable hour. I apologize for the lack of posts lately - it's been a busy time and believe you me, despite my camera's best attempts at thwarting my efforts I've been able to document much of it. I promise I will catch up on posts soon...

But what is this you say?
"You transgress!"
Right, sorry. On to St. Patty's Day!!!

[Yours for 6,20 € a pop!]

[Even the French are a little Irish today...well, the ones at least who knew it was St. Patty's Day...]

[A Kilkenny for Ang.]

For all of my Kuperstein and Duggan relatives who were afraid that Dan and I would miss the opportunity to celebrate our Irish heritage on St. Patty's Day while in France, fear not - an irish bar around the corner from us called Paddy's Pub solved that problem! There was Guiness, big green hats, an irish band in an outdoor tent, and drool-worthy Guiness Beef Stew. We unfortunately could not wear our matching green "Duggan" polo shirts to commemorate the date, as we were afraid that our landlord might change his mind about renting to us if we showed up as twinsies. That doesn't mean we won't make other opportunities to rock out in them though.

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