Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Momma of the Interwebs Also Known as Tartiflette Night...

Today I met Dan at CERN for lunch as well as to get my super special CERN ID (no retinal scan though - doh!) and it was at that time that I remembered that the internet was actually created at CERN. It's so hard to fathom that something that big and all encompassing of our world could actually be "created" somewhere. Especially with this little plaque sitting outside an office by the CERN rental bikes reminding people on a little forgotten wall that "yeah, we did that."
Then, after the soup marathon binge we've been on for the last week and half, we decided to treat ourselves to a little tartiflette. Tartiflette is a traditional meal in the Alps region (Savoie) for people to enjoy after a long day of skiing. And now I know why. This stuff is so good and so hearty. Here's the rundown: take a bunch of potatoes (we used golden and red bliss), take a bunch of bacon (we used prosciutto - yes I eat prosciutto, I know it's sacrilege), take some onions, some creme fraiche, then take a big wheel of Reblochon cheese, cover all that in a little dry white wine and bake it til it's golden brown. Voila! If you'd like to try it yourself while there's still some cold weather to be had, we got the recipe here. Shout out to the Beerbaumer for bringing this profound local deliciousness to my attention. I feel that I now too can have a bumper sticker (for my future bike?) that says "In tartiflette we trust."

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