Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ferney-Voltaire Saturday Market #6...

This past week at the Ferney-Voltaire Saturday Market, we were able to share the experience with our good friends Kim and Derek, who made the 8 mile bike ride in from Thoiry to join us.

[Polka dot cabbage.]
After a grey but great afternoon of shopping and vin chaud, it started to rain. We had lunch up at our apartment and somehow convinced Kim and Derek to play my number one super favorite board game in the whole wide world, "Last Night on Earth." (Procured from my number one super fave comic book store in the whole wide world, "Brave New Worlds" in Philly.) It's a zombie board game where some people are the heroes, and some people are the zombies. Each hero has different characteristics or skills that can be used in the game to kill zombies and/or fend off the zombies, and there's strategies involved. There's even a soundtrack that comes with the game. Kim and Dan, having more of, well, the disposition for zombies (heh) took on the role of the aforementioned brain eaters, and Derek and I became the heroes.
[All smiles here at the start of the game...]
[Becky's last stand...]
[Derek trying very hard to not get his brain eaten...]
[And now we see how that worked out for him...]

As for me, both of my heroes were killed off, and I realized the game is a lot more difficult with two people playing the zombies rather than just Dan. I think that the zombie interest of our guests had risen significantly once the game had ended, so we continued with the zombie-thon on this rainy day by watching "Night of the Living Dead" - which is one of my all-time favorites. We then continued on with "Dawn of the Dead" (the original) and I forgot how much I loved this movie as well. It's so very different than Romero's first one, but I love them both regardless. What a great rainy and grey Saturday!

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  1. Nice pics- that was fun. Great hair in the petit déjeuner pic, BTW.