Thursday, March 25, 2010

Geneva Week: Part I

[Jet D'Eau sits in Lake Geneva and is the tallest fountain in the world...]

[The Flower Clock...]

[More Jet D'Eau and Lake Geneva...]
[Pup on a boat...]

[Goofy guy with a goofy hat in mid-60 degree temperatures...]

Well ok, three out of the last four days I've spent in Geneva, two of which I went solo in order to try to learn my way around the town. I was really nervous at first and definitely spent about an hour or so beforehand prepping myself with google maps before catching the "F" bus into Gare Cornavin. I hadn't realized how close many of the places I had been previously were to each other, and I was constantly surprised that I was able to find things as I walked along (my directional sense is non-existent). I finally figured out that as long as I knew where the lake was I could find my way back to the train station, which definitely put my mind at ease. I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb while trapsing around, so instead of pulling out my big Geneva map (which I had in case of dire emergency), I took a page from my friend Kim's book and took pictures along the way ("digital breadcrumbs," if you will) and drew little maps in my notebook as I walked, which was really helpful. I also wrote down the names of streets and stores as reminders of where I had been and where I needed to pass on my way back.
Stay tuned for the next installment of "Geneva Week" as I have many more pictures and stories to share...

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