Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ferney Market Week #4...

[A button accordianist for my mother-in-law...]

[I don't ever want to have a car here, but I could deal with something like this.]

[Or this.]

[Market bounty.]

Yesterday marked our 4th week of going to the Ferney market and our 3rd week here in France. The day started out grey and chilly and with some light snowflakes that continued most of the afternoon. We've learned a few things from our times at the market so far, such as:

1. The louder the vendor, the more free samples they will give.

2. The louder the vendor and the more you buy, the more free food you will get.

And it is for this reason why we hope we'll never have to actually buy lemons again, because both of the fruit vendors whom we go to always give us at least 1 lemon (so since we go to two different ones we always come home with 2 unintended lemons) and yesterday we were even given a free purple and a free yellow plum. Our cheese guy (the loudest of the three at his table, thus further proving the theory) also gave us a free chevre tomme (ie smelly goat cheese - yummmm!) with our purchase of fromage blanc and a chevre brie. Other freebies in the past have been mushrooms, oranges and apples. What a great system!

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