Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunday in Geneva Part Three...

[Old Town Geneva.]

[Still super cold.]
[Cobblestone windy hills and roads.]

[I heart old doors.]

[Courtyard of Hotel de ville.]
[I heart old columns.]
[Cute little candies - almost too cute to eat...I said almostttt...too bad it wasn't open.]

We then got a little on the overly cold side again (not angry cold, but about a hot second away from it), and we found a cute little (and I mean little!) bar called "La Clemence."
There were about 10 small tables (could fit 2 people each - maybe 3 if you liked eachother) and 2 small booths in this tiny little bar, and we were lucky enough to grab one of the few remaining tables before the bar quickly filled up.

[Picture taken before bar quickly filled up.]

We each had a glass of local wines (Dan a Pinot Noir and me a Gamay, which I had never heard of before - it was a bit more acidic than the Pinot so I totally dug it), and each was (surprisingly) decently priced. However a note to my American Corona loving friends who may be visiting sometime in the near future - be prepared to drop 7,90 CHF (about 8 bucks) for a bottle of Corona. Le wowie wow wow!
The atmosphere, not the menu, reminded me a little of Monk's in Philly, except for maybe the leopard print sconce light (I want).
After our little warm-up drink and sit down, we decided to head back to our little neck of the woods in France because it was getting colder/darker/later (stronger?).

We caught the tram to Gare Cornavin, and then walked a short walk to where we pick up the "F" bus. We had one of them fancypants Mercedes-Benz buses for the ride home, and just when we were crossing over the Swiss-Franco border the whole bus was stopped as they were doing a random passport check. Dan said he'd never had that happen in all of his trips back and forth across the border, but for me it only took 3 weeks. Guess I'm good luck. Just goes to show - you've always gotta have that passport on you!


  1. wow, shocked they did a passport check on a Sunday...that means someone was working on a Sunday- unheard of! The only passport check I got was Thanksgiving day- not that that is a holiday here, but...

  2. Yep about 4 passport officers came on the bus and did a check. I was actually excited to show my passport but they barely even looked at mine! And they were working on a Sunday NIGHT no less - amazing!

  3. We were stopped at the Swiss/German border on Christmas Day a few years ago. It didn't change the fact that it was the best Christmas ever. I suppose they still need to keep the border in check.

  4. Wow Christmas Day? Now that's impressive. Yeah it's fine as long as you've got your passport on you, just delays things a bit. I can only imagine how nervous I'd be had I forgotten it!